Asset Transfer Verification Checklist

Funding Questions The Red Check Review System™ Brown & Vogel will review asset transfers through The Red Check Review System™. The Red Check Review System™ is our way of verifying that your accounts are titled correctly. We require the following information to verify that your accounts are titled properly. Please forward the appropriate paperwork to our office. We will check … Read More

Asset Ownership, Beneficiary Designations & Transfer Verification Table

Funding Questions Brown & Vogel, Chartered is totally committed to fully funded living trust estate planning. In order to assist you in getting and keeping the trust fully funded, Brown & Vogel offers unlimited phone consultation regarding funding matters. Funding Table Asset Ownership, Beneficiary Designations & Transfer Verification Funding is the most important part of ensuring that your plan works. … Read More

What To Do If A Family Member Dies Checklist

What do I need to do now? That is the question I sometimes hear from clients after the death of a loved one. Losing a loved one is a difficult and emotionally draining experience. Yet, during this time, you must endeavour to fulfill a variety of tasks and make important financial decisions. You may need to make final arrangements, notify … Read More

The Truth About Estate Planning Events

  In these participative workshops, we examine the five major ways a person can plan his or her estate, and how each address the four major estate planning challenges. A three-step strategy for producing the most effective and cost-efficient plan will be developed. Your speaker will be Steven W. Brown, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, who is a member of … Read More

Estate Planning Checklist

One of the greatest gifts you can leave your survivors is an organized estate. Time spent now will help your family cope later. It will also ensure your wishes will be carried out.  Below is a simplified checklist to help you get started on organizing your estate. It’s a good idea to discuss your plans with your loved ones, the … Read More